I am always amazed

Last week once again, I heard of how an amateur photographer stuffed a set wedding photos…

How does this happen,

  • Lack of experience,
  • Lack of training,
  • Bridal couple taking the cheaper option.

Seriously you get what you pay for…

Friends may have flash camera, but do they have the knowledge to use them?, the computer equipment to safety store and edit them, can they actually print to a high standard…

Really do you trust your friend who is actually trained in another profession to take photos of your special day??

I live, breathe and are fascinated by photography.

I train, practice, continue to push both the equipment and technology.

I will never be rich from taking photos, but I want to pay my bills, put food on the table, educate my daughter and perhaps have a holiday every now again.

I run my photography studio as a profitable business, not something I dabble in.