School Formals is a time when Youth Celebrate the completion  of their school life. By booking Deanna Photographics for your formal you get professional services with wide range of packages and options to preserve these beautiful images.

I am happy to meet with the committee arrange the event to discuss backdrops and themes to ensure that your photos reflect your formal.

I offer private / locked online galleries with PayPal for smooth ordering process. I am happy to liase with parents and students after the event. Packages are available in Printed and Digital format. Unlike may large companies who offer event services, I am the photographer and follow through to the end of the production process, I do care what your photos look like. Quality Control is guaranteed.

Events take on may different roles, be it a celebration of ones life, reunion of friends, business milestone it is important to document and preserve the occasion. I have done lots of private and community events over the years and offer different packages depending on how large or small the events is. At events it usually our closest friends and relatives that are there, preserve these events through beautiful photography.