I was asked to quote for a contract to photograph the 10 businesses that make up the Murraylands Food Alliance Group by the Murraylands and Riverland Regional Development Board.

So here we go…..

Before, I start filling blogs with lettuces, onions, tractors, sheds, meat and much much more, an intro is needed.

This project, has brought home many mixed feelings,

Taught me about myself,

Pushed my camera equipment to the limit,

Has given me the opportunity to see the other side of food production,

The produce and producers,

To meet WONDERFUL people,

To be out in my community.

My career as a photographer has allowed me to work with city / hills / country, people and places.

I would say 80% of my work is country people and places and mostly weddings and portraits.

This leads me to this latest project… Commercial photography!

For years I have known that SA grows and produces some amazing products,

to what extent I had no idea.

The 10 Businesses that make up the Murraylands Food Alliance

Are large, employers.

There are challenges faced on a daily basis for country people, business and towns…

Services are needed for agriculture to continue to grow.

In recent years there has been a shift in farming dynamics and food production.

Australia is changing and embracing technology…

Other countries are looking to Australia, as they are unable to produce the quality we can.

I have witnessed within a 200km radius of Adelaide, some of the cleanest soils, amazing fresh produce, and latest technologies and infrastructure.

I have been disinfected, sanitised, hosed downed, stripped of jewellery, not allowed to drive car over certain soils, all with one objective in mind, to prevent the spread of disease and ensure that exceptional quality and hygiene standards are met.

These 10 businesses between them have over 2000 employee’s… plus contractor’s

In 2013,

They produced 2.5million tonnes plus 1.5million litres of product that equals 42,500 pallets and 8,520 shipping containers. These Businesses are commited to the Murraylands.

Their viability and expenditure is stimulating not only the Local but also State & Federal economies!

This project was to create a database of photos of the 10 businesses, with a focus on the employment, technology and produce of each.

The Murraylands Riverland Regional Development Board will use these images to highlight the current infrastructure in the Regional and continue to push the message of what is required for businesses to operate in country / regional towns as we  move forward.

Here is the proof there is jobs in a large variety of sectors, many communities, space, fresh air, quality produce.

I am hoping the following blogs will generate interest through my photos into the area I call home, and connect you the consumer to the grower’s / producer’s that are proudly South Australian.

It has been a privilege to be invited into these businesses

An absolutely inspirational  experience.

Deanna xoxo