A beautiful Love Story.

The AIPP Reflections project I am loving!

Goolwa RSL photography session produced my first female WW11 Veteran!

I wish to introduce Mrs. Elizabeth Plummer aged 93.5 years young!

Elizabeth served in Airforce as an Aircraftwoman.

She served her time within Australia, Melbourne, and Brisbane in Signals,

“American high security was very interesting!” and she enjoyed the time she serviced!

Unlike the troops that were sent overseas and moved in battalions, these women were moved and posted as Individuals.

Before the War had started, Elizabeth had met her husband at the age of 16. They were too young to get married and decided to wait. When the war started Elizabeth joined the Airforce and Mr. Plummer joined the Army.

They decided at the age of 21 that a war was not going to stop them from getting married. They had planned to get married in Elizabeth’s hometown Sydney when they both had scheduled leave with family and friends involved. This was not to be the case as they were unable to coordinate their leave at the same time and also be in Sydney.

Mr. and Mrs. Plummer managed to get time together in Brisbane in 1943 and got married. The girls on the shift organised the wedding on short notice, which was hard as the country was rationed. She was so amazed that they managed to get a wedding cake. Whilst her family was not present, it is a long-standing family joke; “Did they actually get married?”

Elizabeth has lost contacted with many of the girls she served with, as their surnames changed as they married!

Elizabeth lived most her life on a Poultry Farm in Sydney. She retired young and traveled with her husband until he died in 1988.

Elizabeth always marches on Anzac Day, proud that she served her country. Although this year her great-grandson had to push her in a wheelchair. Her father and father in- law were in WW1. Her brother survived as a POW in Singapore in WW11 and son served in Vietnam.

At 93.5 years young Elizabeth is computer literate & still drives.

She asked me if I had enough time to hear her story, It was my honor to listen!

Elizabeth you have inspired me and reinforced my belief in true love!

Love Deanna xoxo